Nethack - Falcon's Eye
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NetHack - Falcon's Eye supports Windows, DOS and Linux. It is distributed under the NetHack General Public Licence.

The available packages are listed below. There is an executable package for Windows; for DOS, Linux and BeOS, you can compile the game from the source code. If you have any questions about the packages, e-mail me.



NetHack - Falcon's Eye
version 1.9.3 for Windows
5.8 Mb Everything you need to play under Windows. This package contains NetHack 3.3.1 with version 1.9.3 of the Falcon's Eye interface, all graphics, sounds and MIDI music, as well as an HTML manual.


Source Code

NetHack - Falcon's Eye
version 1.9.3 source code
8.3 Mb The source code to version 1.9.3 of NetHack - Falcon's Eye. This package contains the source code for the Windows, DOS and Linux versions, as well as all graphics, sounds or music. If you want to play under DOS, Linux or BeOS, download this package and compile the game. For Linux and BeOS, you also need SDL 1.2, which you can get at See also my compilation instructions.



NetHack - Falcon's Eye
MP3 Music
  MP3 versions of music tracks from the game. They have far superior quality to the MIDI versions supplied with the game, unless you have an extremely good MIDI soundcard. These files were on a separate server; they are currently not available.

Last updated 10th December, 2005
by Jaakko Peltonen.
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